At any given time in Florida someone – maybe you or someone you care about– is worried, stressed and unsure where to turn for answers.

Maybe your unemployment benefits are tapped out, and the utility bills are coming due – with no means to cover them.

Perhaps your aging parents have immediate home health care needs or mounting medical bills.

Or, maybe you’re looking for affordable child care, preschool or after-school programs for the kids – on a slim-to-none budget.

Is there someone who can help?


Florida 2-1-1 is a free, confidential service that connects you with local community-based organizations across the state offering thousands of different programs and services for people seeking answers.

Last year over 1 million Florida residents turned to 2-1-1 for health and human service information and referrals and the numbers continue to grow.

If you need help for yourself, a neighbor or a loved one, call 2-1-1 or search the 2-1-1 website to find out where to get help.   2-1-1 has information on more than 40,000 different programs and services across the state.

Even if there isn’t a program to meet your particular need, 2-1-1’s professional and certified staff can help you figure out your options and how to move forward.

Florida’s 2-1-1 services are here for you.

So, contact us when you need us.

Get Connected. Get Answers.